Laura is a French-born performer / choreographer / performance maker working predominantly with and in movement. She is interested in creating and participating in work that is present, live, raw, and explores bodily being in the world: the dancing body, the social body, the diseased and medicated body.
Since 2003, Laura has dedicated much of her practice to dancing, performing and collaborating with a wide range of companies, choreographers and performance makers. These include: Saburo Teshigawara & Karas, Phillip Zarrilli, Lastalaïca Productions, Daghdha Dance Company under Michael Klien’s artistic direction (2007-2011), Action Hero and Roberta Jean/Mysteryskin.
Alongside performing with and for others, she has developed a practice as an independent maker/choreographer which manifests in performance, installation and print. During her time in Ireland, she was awarded a Dance Bursary for choreographic research into improvisation methodologies (Arts Council Ireland), as part of which she took part in Deborah Hay’s Solo Performance Commissioning Project, out of which the solo In The Making emerged. In 2013, as a response to her experience of chronic pain, she developed Hardy Animal, a project that encompasses a solo performance, a fine-print bookwork and a lecture performance. This work continues to tour in both arts and medical contexts and was one of the Aerowaves Twenty for 2016. She has also created two installation works: Dance Dark Dance (2013) and The Secret Slowness of Movement (Mayfest 2015/Dance Umbrella 2016). She is currently developing Making Each Other Possible (Compass Commission 2017), a new dance work in collaboration with dance artist Stephanie Mc Mann and drummer Rachel Horwood (Bamboo/Trash Kit).
She is a regular and long-term collaborator to Dan Canham & Still House, most recently working as associate choreographer on Of Riders & Running Horses. She has previously joined Dan as a collaborator in varying capacities on West of Nowhere, 30 Cecil Street (first a dance film then a critically acclaimed solo) and Ours was The Fen Country (performer, then outside eye). She is currently
She enjoys working as a creative/choreographic consultant with an increasing number of artists including Blythe Pepino (of the band Vaults), Roberta Jean/Mysteryskin (Brocade), Jo Bannon (Alba), PINCH (Asking for It), Sylvia Rimat (This Moment Now) Ira Brand (Be Gentle with Me), Jen Bell (Watercooler Songs), Deborah Pearson (History History History), Thee Devil’s Violin Comapny (STOLEN) and Raquel Meseguer (Someone Should Start Laughing, CloudSpotting). She worked as an Artist Support Associate for Theatre Bristol in 2016-2017
She is a 2017/18 Leverhulme Arts Scholar (BOV Ferment), is currently training as as Somatic Movement educator through the school of Body-Mind Centering.
Laura Dannequin
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