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In The Making (art & life)

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In The Making is a solo adaptation of the score Art and Life, by choreographer Deborah Hay. This work emerged out of participation in Deborah Hay’s unique format the ‘Solo Performance Commissioning Project’ 2010.
In The Making  is a work that explores dance as a terrain for thought, for the exploration of consciousness and perception through sensual physical exploration. Over a period of 25 minutes, Laura works through a pre-defined set of provocations and rediscovers the movement material with each new repetition in an essentially live act.
Revolving around In The Making are notions of destruction, resilience, delicacy, rage and man’s relationship to the earth. Laura’s years of improvisation practice and depth as a performer allow for the creation of a deeply intimate and raw experience.
Laura is an exquisite dancer with natural and witty movement vocabulary...this is a brave and beautiful work
Kate Yedigaroff - MAYK co-director
‘What the body can do is less relevant than how a body perceives and attends to the practice of performance. Both body and dance are provisional: generative mysteries, which are reconfigured through consciousness, perception, and performance, yet bodily feedback is startlingly physical.’ Deborah Hay
Deborah Hay is widely acknowledged as one of the most important choreographers of our times.
‘Incredible, hypnotic, very beautiful, I loved it’
Audience member
In The Making has previously shown at Exeter Phoenix, Arnolfini (Bristol), Cork Midsummer Festival, Dublin Dance Festival & Gravity and Grace Festival (Limerick).
‘Amazing physical presence’
Tom Trevor, Director of Arnolfini
For a video link click here.
Image credit: Carl Newland
Presented at Daghdha Space, Arnolfini (BLOP) & Exeter Phoenix
Developed under a Bursary Award from Arts Council Ireland & with support from Daghdha Dance Company