Dan Canham / Still House
Daghdha Dance Company
Roberta Jean/mysteryskin
The Sick of The Fringe
Action Hero
Michael Klien
Forest Fringe
Stafan Baeir
Lastalaica Productions
Mark Carberry
Phillip Zarrilli

trailer: The Secret Slowness of Movement

trailer: Of Riders and Running Horses

R&D documentation: Hardy Animal

trailer: In The Making  

In the Making - full work

Standing in Ink: 2008 rendition in Paris

Standing in Ink: 2009 rendition in Dublin (exerpt) 


Choreography for Blackboards

Portrait & Landscape

Lyn Gardner on Performing Change at The Sick of The Fringe

Exeunt/Rosemary Waugh on Hardy Animal

Ride, Baby, Ride: Maddy Costa’s heart warming blogspot about Of Riders ad Running Horses at Dance Umbrella

The Secret Slowness Of Movement: a response from Carrie Rhys-Davies

‘Areas for an Apocalypse’: MAYFEST RADIO, 2015

‘Performing the Present’: an Interview with Elsa Toar

Culture Laser interview with Ryan Van Winkle (Forest Fringe 2014)

Total Theatre Magazine review of Hardy Animal

Theatre Bristol Writer is Residence review of Hardy Animal
Arts Council England
Bristol Old Vic Ferment
The Wellcome Trust
Theatre Bristol
Dance Career Development
Royal Ballet Benevolent Fund
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