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By helping to release tight muscle and connective tissue throughout the body and encouraging a state of deep relaxation in order to activate the body’s own process of self healing, massage addresses many ailments and conditions.
Each treatment focuses on the individual’s needs and can be geared towards: relieving back/neck/shoulder tension and pain, loosening up tights muscles and stiff joints, stimulating good circulation, detoxifying the body by increasing lymph circulation thus improving the immune system, soothing headaches, helping with generalised stress, releasing tension, mental/physical/emotional fatigue and improving digestive problems. I draw on a number of techniques including deep tissue release, pressure point work, muscle resistance work, and more gentle therapeutic touch, and increasingly Tui Na techniques and specific point work (along the meridian channels). I work in dialogue with you/your body and we work together to give you/your body what you/it needs on any given day. The treatment room is a place of deep listening, and I invite you to join me in that space.
Your first treatment will start with a consultation, the aim of which is to give you the best possible treatment. Natural oils are used during the treatment which is carried out on a raised massage table. At the end of the session we discuss a way forward, which may include suggestions for exercises or stretches.
Laura completed her training in Holistic Massage in 2011 at the Beaumont College for Natural Medicine (ITEC3-distinction) and has been practicing ever since in a peaceful treatment room in Easton, Bristol.
She enjoys working with a wide range of clients including dancers, nurses, circus performers, musicians and those who seek respite from the many hours spent at their desks. She brings over 15 years of embodied/dance practice to her bodywork. Her approach to touch and healing is influenced by her study of somatic practices including Body-Mind Centering® (graduating as a Somatic Movement Educator in 2019), Yoga, the Feldenkrais Method, and meditative practices. She is currently studying Tui Na (one of the branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine) at Body harmonics Training Centre and enjoys drawing on her extensive knowledge of the body and intuitive approach to touch to tailor each treatment to the specific needs of each client.
She is a fully qualified and insured therapist.
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£45 - 60 min treatment (+consultation/after care)
£60 - 90 minute treatment (+consultation/after care)
To make a booking/get in touch:
t: 0740 3051 979
e: lauradannequin(at)hotmail(dot)com