Laura Dannequin


December 8-12: assisting on Endocrine System module, Body-Mind Centering with EMA, Bath

November 12-14: Madeline; Colin Gee - Eire

August 15-17: Brocade; Robert Jean/mysteryskin, Edinburgh
July 26-28: TOUCH; Julie Nioche/Filiz SIzanli/Mustafa Kaplan/Nationial Theatre Wales - Bangor

June 8-9: Brocade with Roberta Jean/mysteryskin - Rise Festival, Findhorn,Scotland

May 31- June 1: Brocade with Roberta Jean/mysteryskin. at Sadler’s Wells

April 19: Hardy Animal at Slimbridge Town Hall, Devon

April-June: artistic consultant on SESSION 
(Still House / Steppaz / Empire Sound)
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